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Dream Safes believes it needs to constantly stay ahead and keep pace with the latest technology to meet growing needs. This is the reason why we have emerged from Service industry to Sales and marketing.


Safe Lockers


A compact, secure and affordable option to your precious possessions.The safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries..


Safe Lockers

Defender Plus Safes

The Physical Security Products include a range of Burglar and Fire Resistant Safes, Strong Room Doors and Cabinets that provides utmost protection to your valuables.


Home Alarm Systems

Eagle I-Lite

Gone are the days when setting up a security alarm system was tedious and time consuming. The Eagle-I Lite is a Plug & Play alarm system that literally needs no installation..


Video Door Phones

SeeThru ST 7 Lite

Be at your home or anywhere else, convenience will never be away from you. Our Video Door Phone will make sure that no visitor at your door ever goes unanswered.

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Electronic Lockers

Godrej electronic safe lockers provides motorised shorting bolts, whenever we are entering the secret passwords it pulls the motorised shooting bolts whenever we open or close the lockers.

Mechanical Lockers

Godrej mechanical safe lockers uses six-level keys.The below mentioned used for home and commercial purposes.Godrej safe lockers has a heavy plate door with solid steel bearing block.

Fire Resistance Lockers

Godrej fire proof safe lockers are of electronic and mechanic type. All the godrej fire proof safe lockers is certified and listed at UL USA and SP Sweden.

Video Door Phones

Video door phone is stand-alone model, is used at entrance to a buildings, residence, complex, semi-apartment, individual houses, multi storey building and Villa houses.

CCTV camera

Our CCTV camera is widely used for security purpose for both commercial and domestic purposes like retail shops, banks, casinos, malls, condos, government establishments, home security, etc.


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