• Multibend door frame fabricated from prime steel and suitable reinforced along its periphery
  • Eight holdfasts provided on the frame for solid anchoring with the record room wall
  • Strong Room door type construction of the door slab with vital door elements protected by special hammer-and-drill-resisting plates
  • Bolting achieved by 4 shooting bolts at the front end, with additional 4 solid bolts welded to the lock case on the hinged side
  • Lined with Godrej unique Non-conducting fire-resisting compound for insulation against intense heat
  • A well-designed grill gate secured with Godrej high precision 8-lever Dual Control lock operable from both sides is provided
  • High quality nitro-cellulose paint is applied in char brown colour with stipple finish
  • Superior anti-rust pre-treatment for durability and paint retention
  • Optionally, a record room door with a left hand opening can also be provided. The grille gate can also be provided with an alternative opening.